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Services We Offer

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Professional Carpet Cleaning

Our carpet technicians posses the expertise to find the best way to clean any material and fibre. They will treat any stain according its origin, after that will use top of the shelf machinery to shampoo the carpet and extract approximately 95% of the moisture and with that all the dirt will come out. The drying process is about 7-8 hours depends on pile thickness.


Sofa and Upholstery Cleaning

We can perform high class service to refresh and clean your upholstered furniture. Our experts will inspect the fibre and apply proper cleaning liquid according the material and the stains, after this they will use their professional machinery to wash the furniture and remove almost 100% of the moisture. The final result will surprise you nicely.


Mattress Cleaning

You spend one third of your twenty-four hours, so you need clean space to rest your body. Our professionals have the experience and are well trained to remove any stains, dead skin flakes and body liquids from any mattress material or fibre. They use only top of the line equipment and strong, but eco friendly detergents to perform great services.


Curtains Cleaning

Your curtains collects twice as more dust than any other surface in your property. You need to clean them regularly to avoid appearing of disease such as coughing or asthma. We use good, non toxic cleaning liquids to treat the stains and then powerful machinery to wash them and extract almost all moisture and dirt.


High Pressure Washing

Our technicians can clean even the most neglected area with their powerful equipment and skill set. They are experienced and well trained, they will remove all the built grease and grime easily, so you can spend your time in more pleasant activities. You just need to call us to book your service and provide proper drainage. Our method is suitable for cleaning of any  driveway, patio, side walks or decking.


Hard Floor Cleaning

We have powerful rotary machines and high level cleaning liquids, which help us to maintain your hard floors on very high standards. Mopping is not enough to keep bacteria free environment, our equipment can remove all the stains and filthiness that can damage your floor. This method is suitable for wood, vinyl, marble, terracotta, linoleum, ceramic and thermoplastic tiles, terrazzo, marble, granite, slate floors, natural stone, and wood floors.


Gutter Cleaning

If you have gutters that are obstructed we have modern and top of the shelf equipment to unclog them. The pool has a camera in the end so you can see the before and after condition. We can reach up to the second floor. Book you affordable service at very reasonable prices.


Windows Cleaning

Do not spend your time in painful and thankless tasks, when our professionals can do it for you easily and fast with their new and modern equipment. We can reach up to third floor and clean all type windows by our extension pool. Get extra value for combining your service with internal window cleaning.

About Us

You live in Quessnway area and you need specialized cleaning of your carpet or upholstery? You are looking at the right page, so search no more. Carpet Cleaning Queensway is a professional service provider which was establish many years ago. During these years we have have built strong company principles and traditions, which lead us to our success. Thanks to all the positive feedback from our customers we have reached leading market position. We continuously invest in bossiness researches and clients surveys to keep us informed for the industry status and customers needs and requirements.

Carpet Cleaning Queens Way covers the a lot of the living areas in London and Greater London. We also offer all of our services in every area, especially our:

Steam Carpet Cleaning
Sofa and Upholstery Cleaning
Mattress cleaning
Curtains Cleaning,

You can book various service and package deals at very affordable and reasonable prices with Carpet Cleaning Queensway. Our costs are based on the economical status of the area and they are within the means of every pocket. We include all the cleaning materials and equipment in the final price.

As an outstanding company, we are aware of the global environmental conditions and we strongly promote green cleaning methods which are danger free for our surroundings. That is why we supply only ecologically friendly and carbon neutral cleaning liquids, which are 100% harmless for our families and pets. 

Our machinery and tools are only today’s leading and very powerful, so we can ensure the perfect results, that we advertise and meet every customers expectations.


One of the main reasons for our progress is our well trained staff members. They are ambitious and very hard working, they strive to better their skills and be the best in their area. We help them improving their abilities and developing new cleaning techniques which help them achieving great outcomes. Our cleaners are reliable, responsible and trustworthy, they are all fully insured and policed verified, they posses all the legal right to work in United Kingdom.

Our schedule is more flexible that any of our competitors. We have available teams even on Saturdays, on Sundays and on Holidays to help you with unpleasant work. There is no extra charge on top for booking a service on these days. You can book a service in the morning or in the afternoon.
Call us now to check our availability in your area!


Pricing of our services:

For full pricing list please visit our prices page or best call to get a personalised quote based exacly on what you need. And do not forget, first time customers get a discount.

Carpet Cleaning

from £6infinity
  • Bedroom Carpet from £26
  • Living Room Carpet from £29
  • Flight of stairs £25
  • Hallway carpet £12
  • Landing Rug £6
  • Small rug £14
  • Large rug £26

Sofa, Upholstery, Mattress

from £6
  • Sofa by seat £10
  • Two-seat sofa £46
  • Office chair £7
  • Dining chair £6
  • Single mattress £19
  • Double mattress £49
  • King size mattress £69